Sunday, March 4, 2012

Remember Me??

Hello readers.  Do I have any, anymore?  It's been forever since I have updated my blog. Something called life has taken me and kept me quite busy.  When I am not feeling creative, my blog goes dead.
 A lot has happened since I last blogged.  A few injuries here and there, a couple of races, and a whole lot of nothing. I have been battling a performis issue and a big toe problem.  Both of these injuries have kept me from running.  When I have run, it is labored and unsettling.  It seems when you have one injury, it creates another. This video has really helped me.  Check it out. With some serious stretching and a little chiropractic work, I can feel that I am doing better.  I have started a series of five shots of "Rooster Comb" injections into my big toe and I can see improvement there too.  I have a bunion that is filled with arthritis and it is so painful, especially when I run.  I hope these injections will help stave off surgery for awhile.  A long while.
  Yesterday, I bought two new pairs of running shoes.  When I was sponsored by Montrail, I wore their shoes religiously.  It has been a few years now since I have even tried a pair on.   I decided to try the Montrail Mountain Masochist for the first time. After reading about them  I decided to try them out  yesterday on my 12 miler and I liked them.  My foot seems to sit a little high in them, but they were comfortable.  The other shoe I bought was the Asics 2170.  I have loved the Asics trabucho but they seem to have changed their sizing and I have run out of patience trying to get the right fit.  I hate trying a new shoe out when the Asics Trabucho is so perfect for me but it is time. I am going to take them for a spin this morning.
  The weather has been amazing this year.  We have had only a few days of rain and lot's of sunshine.  Of course I love it, but it is so weird.  Usually, we would be having rain, rain, rain.  I'll take the good weather while it's here.
  Last Sunday I ran up on the Western States trail.  We ran from Michigan Bluff up to a little ways past Last Chance.  Almost no snow and beautiful weather.  Go figure.  I love that trail.