Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hood To Coast Relay

Last week I headed to Portland Oregon with some friends to run in the Hood To Coast Relay that runs from Mt. Hood to the Coast.  I have never run HTC and didn't ever expect to, as I had really never thought about doing a relay before.  We had a complete blast.  Two vans, 12 fun people, and 200 miles to run, what could be better than that?  We finished in 25:00:17 for  a 8th place finish in men's masters division.  That put us at 99th out of 1268 teams.  Not bad considering that most of us are ultra runners and a few members of the team either just finished a 100 miler or getting ready to run a 100 miler. Oh, and did I mention that we are all OLD?

I hadn't run on pavement in like, 15 years or something, so I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it felt to run there.  I hope to be able to run there again someday!