Sunday, August 19, 2012

I just checked out my last blog post and I haven't written a thing since April.  Wow.  I have hardly missed my blog.  So many things happening and so little time to even write a quick note.  I wrote in my last blog about my injured toe and the troubles it has caused me.  I have exhausted all the treatments and now I am left with a big toe that is getting stiffer and stiffer.  My friend, who just happens to be an Orthopedist, says that maybe my toe is started to fuse on it's own.  I can live with that as long as a fused toe doesn't hurt!  We will see.  This summer has been busy with lots of fun runs and hikes in the mountains.  My friends and I traversed Zion National Park in April and had a blast.  I ran Silver State 50 miler in May and managed to dehydrate myself right into the hospital.   I ran in Emigrant Wilderness at Kennedy Meadows twice and enjoyed doing Safety Patrol at Western States 100.  Last month I ran The Tahoe Rim Trail 100 and managed to slowly cross the finish line good for a Silver buckle.  Thanks to Marc Dube for helping me finish under 30 hours.  All in all, my toe is handling the stress I have put it under.  It is painful, but not unbearable anymore.  That makes my heart happy.  In September, I will run The Bear 100.  I am getting excited for that adventure.

I don't know about you, but I have found Facebook to be all consuming.  I think I am addicted.  Ouch! I hate to even admit it here on this social media.  Let's see, Facebook or my Blog?  Such hard decisions to make at this bedtime hour.  Happy dreams!