Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well, since my last post the only thing worth writing about in terms of running has been my finish at Silver State 50k, ( I'm glad I didn't do the 50 miler), and a long run from Foresthill to Rucky Chucky and back on the Western States trail. Silver State went well, but I could feel the cumulative effects of my back to back races and my legs screamed at me quite a few times. In fact, I contemplated walking across the finish line, but then I heard Suz's voice in my head saying "you can run this", and I pushed myself down the trail and across the finish line. I felt totally trashed after that race. It wasn't a hard race, but my legs were tired and the elevation.......who knows? I'm just not a high mileage runner and I seem to do well on lower mileage than most. I hope I have done enough to finish Bighorn without injury or illness. It's scary with rhabdo still fresh on my mind.

Running from Foresthill to the river and back is always a blast! Leslie and Karen and I had a long day of "time on our feet". The weather was cold and overcast and we were shocked to run that section with jackets on. Every time I have ever run it I have been hot and sweating like a pig. Not on this day!!

The gluten free diet is going well. I am feeling much better and I am actually sleeping better than I have in years. I'm feeling quite good right now and that is refreshing. This weekend is going to be a high mileage weekend running back to back days on the Western States trail. I am hearing that there is a lot of snow in the mountains so it will be good training for BH. Have a great weekend of running or whatever makes you smile.

If any of you or any of your friends are interested in running the TCC/Adventure races, the discount code for 10% off any of their races at the time of registration is KR2010. As you know, running The Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica in Feb. 2009, was the greatest adventure of my life.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

2010 24 hour run championships----Go Suz!

My good friend, Suzanna Bon is currently in the lead for Team USA women. She is racing in Brive, France at the 2010 World 24 hour run championship. Way to go, Suz! You can follow the race here.

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Howard Thurman

This Saturday I am running Silver State 50k for a training run for Big Horn. I haven't run this race before, but I hear it is tough. I am secretly happy that I am not running the 50 miler! Wish me luck!

I think you will find this article uplifting. I sure did.
Doctor finds higher calling when death knocks.

Have a wonderful weekend! Run long out there.

Friday, May 7, 2010

On May 1st, I ran Miwok 100k for the fifth time. It is always a tough race for me but I really enjoyed myself out there with the green meadows and the beautiful flowers everywhere. My time of 11:27 made me feel good and the Carbo-Pro worked great.

I took one day off after Miwok and have been running on tired legs and will run Silver State 50k on the 15th. I don't think this is the best training for Bighorn 100, but it is the only way that it is working out right now.

My youngest daughter Courtney is coming home for the summer on Thursday and I am so looking forward to having her home. She has really enjoyed USC this year and I am so happy that she is looking forward to continuing on there. Caleb is still in Chiropractic School and doing exceptionally well. I know he will be a great Chiropractor one day. Chelsea is busy working two jobs and enjoying her new life here in Santa Rosa. Matt's son Lloyd is working and happy with his job too. Life is good here in Sonoma County.

Mothers Day was spent with family at our house. We had lasagna and salad and everyone brought something to share. I look at my Mom and I am so thankful that of all the Mom's I could have been born to, I got her. Lucky me!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's almost Miwok time....

It's 2:30am on Saturday, and I am sitting at my computer with toothpicks holding my eyes open. I believe that ONE more cup of coffee will get my eyes to open on their own.

Today is the Miwok 100k and I am running in it. This has always been a tough distance for me. 12 miles longer than a 50 mile is a LONG ways sometimes. The day promises to be beautiful and though it will be a long one, I am hopeful for a good training run out there among friends. I will be using Carbo-Pro today for fuel and it will be interesting to see how that works.

Good luck to everyone running this weekend and for those prepping for a 100 this year. Western States is just around the corner and I have lot's of friends that will be lining up this year at Squaw Valley to start the trek. Can you read jealousy between my words?

I need to sign off this computer and get myself another cup of joe. Time is a ticken and I must be on my way.

Happy Trails....