Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

My kids are home! They rolled in at 2:30am after driving about 9 hours and I am so happy to see them. We all sat and visited with each other until about 3:45 and then I hit the hay until the alarm went off at 6am. I was suppose to meet Suz at Sugarloaf for an early morning run, but as I was leaving she called and canceled. I sat at the computer until 7:30, and then headed out for a run in my favorite park. I ran up to the top of the mountain and the sky was so blue and the morning so crisp. I overlooked my town and saw vineyards and pretty barns, I saw beautiful spacious homes and green meadows. I had to take a few minutes and just be quiet. I ran on, reflecting on all the things I am thankful for. I think the thing that I am so thankful for, is that of all the people I could be, I am so thankful for being who I am. I wouldn't want to trade me for anyone.

My run went great and I am so happy to live so close to a great place to run. As I was running, my good, "bad," toe, or is it my "bad," good toe, anyways, it was killing me. I ran along trying to decide if I should get another cortisone shot in it, or have it amputated. Whichever procedure is the least painful is the way I am going to go. Seriously.

I am going to include some pics from this mornings run with my sister, both sister's in law, and my friend, Karen. Have a Great Thanksgiving Day and don't eat too much pumpkin pie!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"There is no passion to be found in playing small - in settling for a life that is less than what you are capable of living." Nelson Mandela

I hope for comfy shoes and soft trails

Yesterday Matt and I went to a wedding that was in a beautiful church in S.F. It is the same church that Marilyn Monroe was married in. I think it is called St. Peters and Paul. I felt like I was in Italy or somewhere very far away. The Architecture was just amazing.

For all of you that know me, you know that high heeled shoes are really not my thing. Combining fancy shoes and messed up toes creates a fiery reaction. By the time the wedding was over and we had walked to the parking garage, I was practically crawling. It was hysterical now that I am thinking about it. I am sure I looked ridiculous trying to walk across the busy streets with every step horribly painful. I tried to act casual, with a smile on my face, pretending I was on a runway. Did I say that I was in excruciating pain? Wow, I changed into my comfy shoes and jeans so fast that I am sure I broke some kind of record.

We then went to the Sports Basement and shopped around and then we went to Tamara's for a TEAM DIABLO party. It was so much fun visiting with all of my running friends and talking about our plans for 2010. Western States, Hardrock, Mont Blanc, San Diego, and Wasatch were just some of the races planned. We discussed some "epic" adventures we want to plan, like running some routes in Yosemite, Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. We even talked about a few stage races. So many trails so little time. We are all waiting until December 5th for the WS lottery to find out who is in and who is screwed for 2010 Western States. After the 5th we will make our plans.

Today was a short run with Wally and a relaxing Sunday. I hope you all had a weekend of comfortable shoes and soft trails.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back to running

I have totally sucked at blogging lately. It just hasn't been a priority, I guess. I hate to continually go to a favorite blog only to find that they have not updated anything. I am guilty as charged.

I have been back to work for a couple of weeks now. It's been nice to be back and see all of my friends and to do what I do best. Nursing. My running is going well, but I am still working on building up my speed and endurance after six weeks of no aerobic exercising. My toes feel really good. My big toe, which was not touched surgically is now one of my Achilles heel. It is really bugging me. My Doc says it has a lot of arthritis in it. Gosh, that sounds so old and decrepit doesn't it? Arthritis! Wow.

So today Suz and I ran my new found 12.6 mile run that has me all excited. We ran up the trails talking about life, cool people, new races, and nutrition. We never are at a loss for words when we are together. She is a great friend and I enjoy running with her so much. I had just gotten done telling her that I had not turned my bad ankle since I started back to running, when all of a sudden I turned my ankle and heard a loud crack. Crap. Five minutes later it happened again. Crap. My right ankle and my right big toe are really pissing me off these days. Maybe tomorrow will be a swim day. :)

Have any of you ever smelled ammonia in your perspiration after running? Every once in awhile I notice that horrible ammonia smell after my run. I looked it up today and it seems that when you release ammonia in your sweat you are dipping into your protein reserves and burning protein instead of carbos. I don't think we should be burning protein for fuel and I am wondering if it is because of my low carb diet. I have been trying to cut out breads, noodles and other "white stuff". I do feel better eating this way, but I guess I need to research this topic more.

So, it's late, I am working in the morning and I should take my ammonia smelling body, with my sore ankle and my messed up big toe, and hit the hay. I do want to say that 19 years ago today, my Dad went into the Hospital at age 60 and never came out. I thought about him today when I was driving home from my run. He wasn't able to join us for Thanksgiving and he died on Dec. 10th. I miss him everyday. I just felt like sharing that with you all.

"Even the fear of death is nothing compared to the fear of not having lived authentically and fully." Frances Moore Lappe

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween started early for me with an 18 mile run, (stupid), and then a night of handing out candy and having a neighborhood Halloween party! We probably had over 2500 trick or treaters and that is not counting all the people who just come to check out the hood. The street was closed off to traffic which allowed 1000s of people to dance and celebrate Halloween. We hula hooped to a huge audience, we danced to Michael Jackson songs, we watched many skits in front yards, listened to a marching band, enjoyed a handcart regatta and ate. Every year it seems to get better! People come from all over to enjoy the neighborhood. What a blast we had. I hope you had a great time last night. We sure did.