Sunday, November 22, 2009

I hope for comfy shoes and soft trails

Yesterday Matt and I went to a wedding that was in a beautiful church in S.F. It is the same church that Marilyn Monroe was married in. I think it is called St. Peters and Paul. I felt like I was in Italy or somewhere very far away. The Architecture was just amazing.

For all of you that know me, you know that high heeled shoes are really not my thing. Combining fancy shoes and messed up toes creates a fiery reaction. By the time the wedding was over and we had walked to the parking garage, I was practically crawling. It was hysterical now that I am thinking about it. I am sure I looked ridiculous trying to walk across the busy streets with every step horribly painful. I tried to act casual, with a smile on my face, pretending I was on a runway. Did I say that I was in excruciating pain? Wow, I changed into my comfy shoes and jeans so fast that I am sure I broke some kind of record.

We then went to the Sports Basement and shopped around and then we went to Tamara's for a TEAM DIABLO party. It was so much fun visiting with all of my running friends and talking about our plans for 2010. Western States, Hardrock, Mont Blanc, San Diego, and Wasatch were just some of the races planned. We discussed some "epic" adventures we want to plan, like running some routes in Yosemite, Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. We even talked about a few stage races. So many trails so little time. We are all waiting until December 5th for the WS lottery to find out who is in and who is screwed for 2010 Western States. After the 5th we will make our plans.

Today was a short run with Wally and a relaxing Sunday. I hope you all had a weekend of comfortable shoes and soft trails.


Doone said...

Kelly - don't ever feel pressured to wear high heels - there are lots of nice flat open toed sandals that are adequate for any dressy event. It is only our own egos that make us wear shoes that are not designed for the human foot. When you consider what our feet do for us we must treat them fairly - STAND UP for your feet!!!!

kelly said...

Thanks, Doone, you said that right. From now on I am standing up for my feet! How are you? Do you have any exciting running plans for 2010? Tell me, tell me.