Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween started early for me with an 18 mile run, (stupid), and then a night of handing out candy and having a neighborhood Halloween party! We probably had over 2500 trick or treaters and that is not counting all the people who just come to check out the hood. The street was closed off to traffic which allowed 1000s of people to dance and celebrate Halloween. We hula hooped to a huge audience, we danced to Michael Jackson songs, we watched many skits in front yards, listened to a marching band, enjoyed a handcart regatta and ate. Every year it seems to get better! People come from all over to enjoy the neighborhood. What a blast we had. I hope you had a great time last night. We sure did.


Slomohusky said...

Wow! I think I know where I want to take my kids next year for trick or treats next year. Fun!
Thanks for sharing.

SteveQ said...

Once again, thanks for stopping by my blog. Of all the things I see here (and there's so much! I'll be back) the one thing that catches my eye is that you enjoy collecting skulls. If you prefer the shiny and new look to the weatherbeaten, boil the skulls in Drano (outdoors) and they look amazing.

And I think that this now fits in with the Halloween post by sheer ghoulishness.

kelly said...

Thanks Steve! Yes, I do love skulls! I like bones, deer teeth, you name it. I will try boiling them in Drano. Thanks!