Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today my brother and I ran 22 miles and he struggled a bit with tight calves and aching hips.  I hope he figures out what the problem is because he is signed up to run a 50 miler in October.  After a quick shower, Jada and I headed out to our favorite place these days, the dog park.  It's a little embarrassing to say that I absolutely LOVE going to the dog park and just hanging out.  The people are great and the dogs are wonderful.  I would never have gotten involved there if I hadn't had surgery and been off work.  Just another blessing I got with being on medical leave. 
My friend Suz and I talk frequently about nutrition on our runs.  We discuss foods, cooking and just plain eating.  Our topic usually is around a gluten free diet.  I am basically gluten free and have been this way for over a year now.  I have found it to be easy  and I do believe that I am healthier because of it.  The Paleo diet is also a hot topic with us these days.  I am not so sure about removing beans and grains from my diet but I definitely am interested in decreasing these foods a bit. I think as athletes we need to be concerned with our diet.  You can't expect your body to perform at a high level if you are not feeding it with healthy foods.  Doing a little research can go a long way towards making you a better runner if you just heed the advice, and dump the sugar and flour in your diet.  I may be skinny, but I eat a lot of food and I am strong.  You need to be strong to be an endurance athlete.  Changing your diet by simply cutting back significantly on starches and dairy and replacing those lost calories with fruits, vegetables, and very lean meats can make such a difference.  Cutting out breads and pasta's were huge for me.  I was addicted to bread and taking that out of my diet was difficult at first.  Now, I never even feel tempted and I feel so much better.  I also feel like my running is better too.  Challenge yourself to eating more healthy.  It can only help you, and you might lose a few pounds!  Happy trails!
"Life is like a taxi. The meter just keeps a-ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still."
-Lou Erickson

No UTMB for me this year- bummer!

Today was a great day! Caleb is here visiting for a week on his summer break from Chiropractic School and so we all went out on the San Francisco Bay for a cruise on a big Catamaran.  It was a beautiful day, freezing but clear and we all had a blast!  It was fun to do something a little different for a change.
My running is improving!  It feels weird to know that we should be in France right now getting ready and all psyched up for UTMB, but instead I am running 10 miles and feeling like a big shot!  Wow.  My legs feel lighter and my stride is noticeable stronger in the last few weeks.  I think I am finally getting in better shape.  It's exciting and  a confidence booster all in one. 

It's sad to think that if I hadn't had to have my surgery, I would be very fit and just about ready to stand at the starting line of UTMB!  Instead, I will watch from my computer and watch Krissy Moehl attempt to win once again.  While everyone is lining up in Chamonix, I will be starting the HTC relay in Portland with some Team Diablo friends!  I've never done a relay before, but it will be a blast hanging out in a smelly van for 24 hours and laughing the whole time. We will each run 3 legs of 6 or 7 miles and run from Mt. Hood to the sea.  Should be interesting....I haven't ran on pavement in years......But- I did buy some road shoes.  That's a start, right?

Medical leaves happen for a variety of reasons.  On my last short "jog" before the Costa Rican stage race, I was pushed down by Jada and ended up having shoulder surgery.  Of course I was totally bummed, but so many good things came out of it.  Spending the summer at home was a big plus, but bigger was the time I got to spend with my dog, Jada.  I loved my "alone" time too.  Lot's of time to be thankful for. 

This morning I am excited about planning another long race or some kind of adventure.  I am feeling the need to push myself, to push the limits of what we think possible.  Lot's of ideas......I think I need to go buy a lottery ticket!  I hope you all can get out on dusty trail for a great run today.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

  I almost feel guilty about my long delay in writing on my blog.  All 3 of my blog friends have been on the edge of their seat waiting for me to post something.  Relax, I'm blogging at last!
  This afternoon I started my run by walking for about 100 meters up the hill.  I stopped and pet my friend the horse, and then proceeded to run down the trail to meet my sister.  Suddenly I stopped to pee.  I didn't think about anyone being around.  Why would I?  5:30 pm on a warm Thursday evening, lot's of people on their bikes, hikers, runners.  As I knelt down to do my thing, I remember thinking, what a scary sight my white butt would be to anyone coming up behind me.  I laughed to myself.  I pulled up my shorts and stood up quickly and glanced around me and much to my surprise there was a guy walking up the trail in perfect shot of my bare butt just 3 seconds before.  I was mortified!  He never gave me eye contact and didn't say a word.  I was soooo embarrassed.
  I am going back to work after being on medical leave for 4 months with my shoulder injury.  It is going to be hard to be back at work.  I have enjoyed my time off so much.  If I buy a lottery ticket within the next two weeks, AND WIN, then I could avoid going back.  Oh, if only I was rich.......I could get use to not working.  It would not be a problem for me.  I love my job, but I haven't missed it at all.
  I have been slowly trying to get my fitness back.  Stumbling along the dirt trails wishing my legs didn't feel like they weigh 100 pounds each.  I keep telling myself that it is suppose to hurt getting in shape.  The only way to get faster and fitter is to push myself.  Tomorrow I am going to run 16 miles and hopefully, I will have a decent run.  Hopefully, my legs will float and my breathing will be quiet.  I hope I will be smiling!