Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No UTMB for me this year- bummer!

Today was a great day! Caleb is here visiting for a week on his summer break from Chiropractic School and so we all went out on the San Francisco Bay for a cruise on a big Catamaran.  It was a beautiful day, freezing but clear and we all had a blast!  It was fun to do something a little different for a change.
My running is improving!  It feels weird to know that we should be in France right now getting ready and all psyched up for UTMB, but instead I am running 10 miles and feeling like a big shot!  Wow.  My legs feel lighter and my stride is noticeable stronger in the last few weeks.  I think I am finally getting in better shape.  It's exciting and  a confidence booster all in one. 

It's sad to think that if I hadn't had to have my surgery, I would be very fit and just about ready to stand at the starting line of UTMB!  Instead, I will watch from my computer and watch Krissy Moehl attempt to win once again.  While everyone is lining up in Chamonix, I will be starting the HTC relay in Portland with some Team Diablo friends!  I've never done a relay before, but it will be a blast hanging out in a smelly van for 24 hours and laughing the whole time. We will each run 3 legs of 6 or 7 miles and run from Mt. Hood to the sea.  Should be interesting....I haven't ran on pavement in years......But- I did buy some road shoes.  That's a start, right?

Medical leaves happen for a variety of reasons.  On my last short "jog" before the Costa Rican stage race, I was pushed down by Jada and ended up having shoulder surgery.  Of course I was totally bummed, but so many good things came out of it.  Spending the summer at home was a big plus, but bigger was the time I got to spend with my dog, Jada.  I loved my "alone" time too.  Lot's of time to be thankful for. 

This morning I am excited about planning another long race or some kind of adventure.  I am feeling the need to push myself, to push the limits of what we think possible.  Lot's of ideas......I think I need to go buy a lottery ticket!  I hope you all can get out on dusty trail for a great run today.

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Richard said...

Sorry you are not going, I look forward to reading your blog. I was just getting into the world of Ultras and had done my first 100M and was Diagnosed with Lupus as well. I am battling as hard as I can to get back and on the trails! I miss the therapy of a long run so much! I am sure your fitness will be back in no time!