Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Long Training Run on Saturday

On Saturday, Dec. 8th, my friend Suzanna and I, and some friends are running from Pt. Reyes to the Golden Gate Bridge!! 66 or so fickin miles. I would like to run the whole enchilada, but I am not sure how I will feel. It seems like such a long time since I've run that far. Well, it has. 3 months to be exact. Suzanna thought this crazy long run up, and then told me about it. That is all it took. It will be a great training run and we always have a lot of fun doing them. Suzanna is running Hurt 100 in January and the Coyote Two Moon 100 in March.

I have been watching my diet lately and am excited about the way I feel. I weigh the same but I am looking leaner. Watching my carb intake works for me and I am feeling strong. Even though I am an endurance athlete, eating a lot of carbs just bloats me and makes me feel sluggish. I am happy with the way my body feels right now. Check out this blog and read about some exciting nutritional information. I just got lost reading this blog and I found it so interesting.

Swimming today just totally sucked!! Could you hear me gasping for air? It was down right embarrassing. I swam with the Master's and it is amazing how fast I lost my endurance in the pool. I felt like I got a good workout in but I must commit to swimming on a more regular basis. I swallowed so much water that I haven't needed to drink any water since!! I cringe when I think about how many loogies I probably swallowed. Yuck!!

Have a happy week!


Jeff Vieyra said...

No sympathy. This is the worst I have felt in 2 years(pain), and Wally just ran a hard marathon on Sunday..and our goal here was to try keeping up with YOU !!! Please do not wimp on us.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that YOU are Suzanna's pacer at HURT! Good luck. She not only set the Woodside PCTR record last weekend, but placed 1st overall in the 50K, totally wumpin' da boyz. Well done!

kelly said...

Don't worry Jeff, I will not wimp out. I am just going to go easy thats all. See you on Saturday, rain or shine.

kelly said...

I have got to be on top of my game for Suz. I'm nervous!! She's tough, but so am I.

Bob Gentile said...

ummm dam I was just about to add swimming to my workouts...but umm not into swallowing other peeps loogies--YIKES.

You will get back in GAME Shape, it's time to FOCUS back in and YOU know waht to do!! It's TIME!!