Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kauai has been great! Just what the Doctor ordered, that's for sure! I was somewhat disappointed in Poipu Beach though. I was expecting a big beautiful sandy beach and it just wasn't like the beaches in Maui at all. We cracked up when, as we laid on the beach, at least 50 birds and several chickens kept trying to eat our food. I even had birds and chickens jumping up on my legs as I lay there. I have NEVER seen roosters and hens on the beach, kicking sand up on our backs as they look for food!! I've decided that the chicken should be Hawaii's state bird. Yesterday, we went up to the North part of the Island and the beaches were great. Next time we come to Kauai we will stay up north. It is much more beautiful and tropical. The beaches and the Mountains are amazing.

I ran today on the main highway and caught up to a girl that was training for the SF marathon. I was hoping to run with her, but her pace was quite slow and she didn't seem interested in running with me, so I ran on ahead. I only ran about 6 miles, but it felt like 15. I am not use to the warm humid weather and running on the road is brutal after always running trails back home. It rained most of the day today, so today was spent checking out little towns and checking out Waimea Canyon.

"Progress always involves risks. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first."
Frederick B Wilcox

I challenge you to identify an area where you would like to see progress and see what risks you're willing to take to have it happen. Maybe a change in your diet is needed or a change up in your workout. You will never grow if you don't take a risk. Stretch yourself and get out of your comfortable box you are living in. Run farther, run faster, or just start running. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Just do it.


Chris and Amy said...

Great post! I've got a good life, but I'm still making changes to make things better. I start a new job in September and I'm so excited! In terms of running I'm trying to pick up my pace. I run with a great group of women and on Saturday's run I pushed myself to stay with the front runners for the first 2.5 miles. Now I just need to be able to keep up for longer. :) I'm going to keep on pushing.

zbsports said...

Short but meaningful post about progress. I learn so much in your post. Thanks!!!