Friday, May 13, 2011

Walking with a purpose

Let's see.... four rattlesnakes in three days, a coyote, lot's of deer and turkeys, and a owl and her family high in a tree. This is what my daily hikes have presented to me. As a runner, you miss so much. Now, as I am rehabbing, I am seeing so much and enjoying what I am encountering. I thought walking would be so difficult for me. I can run 100 miles, but I hate to walk across a parking lot. Walking has always been too slow for me. Slowing down and hiking has brought some balance to my life that I have not had in awhile. I actually am enjoying the hiking. I happen to live in an area with miles and miles of beautiful mountainous trails and I am seeing them as never before. Hopefully, the power hiking will make me a stronger hill climber. I hope it helps me "walk with a purpose", when I need a break during a long race. Sometimes we need to slow down in order to build up. I hope I am doing that.

It's been six weeks ago today that I had my shoulder surgery. I am getting closer to the time when I can run. I am trying to practice patience. This video inspired me. I always need inspiration and something to keep me motivated. I hope this video sparks your fuse today. Kilian Jornet is an amazing athlete. The man named Bruno Brunod that Kilian speaks of in this video is his hero and also an inspiration to him. Today they are an inspiration to me.

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Jen said...

I love your perspective. You're an amazing woman. My surgery slow down has me panting at the trails while driving past them in a car. Your mental visual of all the things on the trail inspired me :)