Saturday, October 27, 2007

Winter blues and making goals for 2008

Happy Saturday! I just can't believe that it is almost Halloween. The air is crisp and it smells like Fall. I don't really like the winter months. I am more of a summer kind of gal. Long days and warm nights are what make me happiest. I always struggle with motivation when the days get short and colder. It's hard for me to "want" to get out the door and run, where as in the summer, the desire is usually there.

I have been thinking a lot about running and fitness goals though. I want to remain very fit through the winter months and start thinking about races I want to do in 2008. In January, I am pacing my friend Suzanna at Hurt 100. I am committed to getting in awesome shape for that race. I think that cross training on the stair master might help me prepare for all the power hiking that may be needed there. I want to enter Western States 100 too. The odds are not good for getting in, but you never know. I just love that race. I don't think my family wants me to run a 100 again after my illness at Wasatch, but I want to keep my options open. As for the rest of the year, I want to concentrate on 50k's and 50 milers. I just may have to let go of the 100's and just enjoy myself at the shorter distances.

I do have to admit that I am still tired from Wasatch. I don't feel like the race really happened. Believe me, I KNOW it did, but it was slow and painful so it just doesn't seem real. I have to realize that despite it being a painfully slow race, I did run 100 miles, and the muscle damage I got from the Rhabdo is keeping me from having the recovery that I should have had. I am just doing the best that I can and I know that I will be back on the trails soon.

I hope that you all are seeking out running or fitness goals for 2008 too. Having goals will help us all through the winter months and have us all ready for an exciting year in 2008. Start today and see what happens.

Your limits are defined by the agreement you've made about what's possible. Change that agreement and you can dissolve all limits. Wayne W. Dyer


leigh said...

hi kelly, the winter months are hard for me also but i am keeping my 08 goals in my mind. my application has been turned in for Western also. i hope i don't get picked for nextyear though. i want to still enjoy my experiance from this years just a little longer. i will never have another first time WS.

kelly said...

Leigh, I am glad that I am not the only one who struggles in the winter! Good luck in the lottery! I hope your training is going well. Maybe we will meet out on the trail this next year.