Thursday, October 4, 2007

What were you like as a kid?

As I drove past my old neighborhood today I reflected on the kid that I was back then. I grew up the oldest of three. Kelly, Shawn, and Wally. We were the typical American family. My Father worked and my Mom stayed home and took care of the house. We had a beautiful home always filled with lot's of friends and family. I, however, was not your so called "normal", kid. Thinking back, maybe I was just a tad wierd. No, maybe not really wierd, but just different from many kids, and certainly different from most kids today.

I always had a lot of energy and grew up wanting to be either a Veterinarian, Archeologist, or a Mortician. I spent countless hours digging up our pastures in search of Indian Burial Grounds or bones of any kind. I proudly displayed stuffed birds, snake skins and bones and skulls all over my room. I loved to hunt and butchering rabbits and chickens was a normal day for me. In Junior High, I sold my tanned rabbit furs to my friends for making purses. If you were a "special" friend, you might be lucky enough to get a deer tooth on a leather strap to wear around your neck. I might even bring you a blown out goose egg that you could decorate for Easter.

I had mad crushes on Movie Stars. Clark Gable being on the top of my list, with Ryan O'Neil a close second. Then it was Mark Spitz and numerous other athletes. I loved them all, but that was about the extent of my love life. I guess I just wasn't that cute. I was fun and entertaining, but cute I was not. In Junior High, fun and entertaining just doesn't get you much. I spent much of my time riding horses and tending to my farm animals. I swam on a swim team and dreamed of one day looking like a model in a Seventeen Magazine. The only time I watched TV was when I was home sick from school, and how much more boring could life be than watching TV?!

My favorite song, well, no, not really, was, At Seventeen, by Janis Ian. You might recall that song. I felt that song was written about me and I cried every time I heard it. The only guys who liked me were the guys who were kinda "different". The fat, slow learners, and pimple faced boys that always said the inappropriate things when called upon in class. I always felt sorry for those boys and I would be especially nice to them. That, I guess, gave them the green light to ask me out. BUMMER! My Mom would say," go out with him, Kelly. It will be fun and it will be something to do." Wow Mom, good one! Her and I laugh at that comment now.

Well, I never became an Archeologist, Veterinarian, or Mortician. What happened with those dreams are still a mystery to me. I did go to school and become a nurse and I am a Mother and I am happy with my life. My kids think I was probably a nerd, but I don't think so. I was just a kid who loved life and had a lot of hopes and dreams. I didn't grow up to be the person I thought I would be, and I will most likely never hunt or butcher another animal again. I still love skulls and bones, swimming and animals. And if you a really special I still might give you a deer tooth.

What were you like as a kid? It is fun reflecting back. I encourage you to take a "trip" back in time and see yourself as a kid again. You will probably like what you see. I know I did.


Bob Gentile said...

Nice Post... and love the Halloween pic.

I always got the class laughing and sat in the principals office a lot ... the infamous words was from the Principal "Bobby, I know you did it because your laughing and when You don't laugh it isn't you" --HAHA

Going to be a long 508 this weekend, that is a long BUTT ride--OUCHIE

Have a good weekend hun :-)

David Harper said...

Cool entry! That was a fun read. Very good to hear you are getting back on the trails. Take it slow and be careful.
I'll look for Bill today at our pre-race meetings. My crew has laptop with cellphone connection, so we should be able to do mid-race updates and photos at my blog.

Oh, now I know you'll be jelous to hear this, me and the kids found the coolest boar skull while exploring in some woods a few weeks ago, big tusks and everthing, of course we had to bring it home, oh and if you are really nice, I might send you a bear claw on a leather string ;)

Take care,

shawn said...

oh kelly! From snake heads floating in jars to bunny lungs filled up with water like water balloons to squirrel skulls to a mummified dog we found under the front porch of our house that you donated to our junior high school science class... you were a cool kid -- not a nerd! I as so totally the opposite, though! Remember you teased me when I was about 11 because I couldn't remember how to pronounce "horse manure", and called it "horse man-yer" instead!!! haha!

Courtney Ridgway said...

hahaa oh god i love your childhood stories mom. im bringing a dried starfish to biology tomorrow... think you may have passed something on to me? ( : love you