Thursday, January 24, 2008

H.U.R.T sure does hurt!

The HURT 100 was just an amazing race. I had the honor of pacing my good friend and running partner, Suzanna Bon, to 1st woman and on top of that she finished in 5th overall! All this in just a tad under 32 hours. 31:56!!

The trail was just gnarly with deep soupy mud, roots, rocks, and lots of technical trails. The weather was warm and humid and the rain forest was just beautiful. We ran through bamboo forests and crossed a river with the help of a long rope. I saw a 160 ft. tall waterfall and watched Suz perservere despite a leaky hydration bladder, and a led light that was just not up to par. Despite everything, she managed to keep her sense of humor and dug deep both physically and mentally. Even as she continued to run with a very painful knee, she remained focused and strong.

I have to say that the HURT 100 is a well put on race. The aid stations are well stocked and the volunteers are top notch. Thank you to Luis Escobar, Cindy Goh, Jeff Vierya, and to everyone else who helped make our time in Oahu fantastic.

I better start saving my money as I just might have to go back and run this race myself next year. That gives me a whole year to prepare for the hurt at HURT!

Matt and I are enjoying ourselves while we swim and snorkel at Makaha, which is on the west side of the Island. We are enjoying the warm sun and sand in our condo on the beach. We have seen several turtles while we have been swimming and the fish are just so beautiful. Aloha for now.


Valerie said...

Hey Kelly,

Glad to hear from you ... and so glad you and Matt are having fun ....enjoy the is freezing here! Miss you, Valerie

Paul Brunner said...

Say hello to Matt!
Wow, I like the last photo, looks like a good carnage shot of you and Suz. Any chance of you making the Bandit run this Saturday?

GB said...

Wow! Congrats to your running partner (and you, her pacer) for such a great race. Maybe you can pace me for my first ultra trail run, the Ohlone 50K. ;) I'm finally sucking it up and doing it. Can't wait!

kelly said...

Hey Val, it's been 80 degrees everyday. Eat your heart out! Hope work is going well.

kelly said...

I felt a lot better than that pic shows. LOL. I will still be in Hawaii for the bandit run. Have fun.

kelly said...

Hey GB, I would love to pace you at Ohlone, but I don't think you can have a pacer at a 50k. Thank you anyway. That is a tough 50k, but you will love it. Good luck!

olga said...

Kelly, congrats to Suz and you, gals! I heard the conditions were the worst ever there! Tough gilrs you are, and enjoy your time off with Matt!

kelly said...

Thanks Olga. Have you run Hurt before? It's one to try!