Friday, January 25, 2008

Climbing a 14'er at the North Shore

Today, Matt and I climbed a 14'er. It was an awesome climb to the top. When we reached the top, we JUMPED! Out of a plane!! It was incredible! We free-fell for one minute and then glided slowly over the blue waters spying pods of whales as we descended.

Jumping out of a plane has always been a fear for me. I knew that one day I would conquer that fear. Matt surprised me with this jump today and I was so excited but not really as afraid as I thought I would be. Just another beautiful day in Paradise.

I have not been able to run here. I don't feel safe here in this town to be running. I would definitely stand out like a sore thumb. There is few tourists where we are staying and I don't get the feeling that the locals would welcome me. I am so glad that I feel totally comfortable in the ocean. I can get my exercise there. Speaking of the ocean, Matt and I went to Sharks Cove to snorkel today. It is suppose to be a calm cove with excellent snorkeling. The cove was rough today and after getting thrown into the rocks and cutting my hip and ankle, I decided to watch instead. Matt stayed out for about 30 minutes and enjoyed the beautiful fish. Aloha, all.

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Bob Gentile said...

Hurtttttttttttttt Hey Kelly SOrry I didn't make it over here sooner I just read ur report below...You Girls ROCK...SOunds like a crazy course...BIG Huge COngrats to Suzanna & to You as an awesome Pacer...
KELLY SAID: Jumping out of a plane has always been a fear for me.

Doesn't that just sound funny --LOL I sooo want to go parachute jumping you may have inspired me to get it checked off my list for 08'

Glad ur having a great time--BE Safe!!