Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shit happens.........

Karen and I went out for a nice run the other day. The park that we were running in is big and remote. There is an outhouse or two for the occasional camper but otherwise it is quiet and beautiful. We had been running for about 10 minutes, when we came upon an outhouse. I decided to take a quick pee break and dashed into the porta potty. When I walked in, I immediately looked into the toilet. Please don't wonder why. Doesn't everyone, once in awhile? Down about 2.5 feet in the pot was a poor blue bellied lizard sitting on a big wad of toilet paper surrounded in, well, you know.....I panicked. I couldn't rain on this poor little stranded lizard who was having the worst day of his life! I ran and found a long thick tree branch and lowered it into the toilet. I rested it on the wad of TP and tried to coax the little guys up the branch. He wanted nothing to do with my heroics. I propped the stick at an angle and just hoped for the best. I peed behind the outhouse, and Karen and I were on our way.

An hour later, as we were approaching the outhouse on our way back to the car, we saw a hiker approaching the porta potty. Before we could yell at him, we knew that the worst fate of all had probably happened to our little friend. I hope he scaled the large stick and got the heck out of there, but as we all know SHIT happens!

Running has been going well. My right ankle seems to be doing well, and my butt pain has settled down. Tahoe Rim Trail is in 2 weeks and I am hoping for a good day out on the trail. A lot of my friends are running that race so it will be fun. I've started working on my upper body in the gym and I am seeing results in just 15 minutes of arm exercises a few times a week. That in itself is really exciting.

Tomorrow is a long run of about 30 miles at Pt. Reyes. The weather is going to be nice and we always see Elk and lot's of Mountain Lion tracks there. All of us running tomorrow is running TRT 50, so we will have a lot to talk about.

Have a great Sunday and I encourage everyone to do something that makes you happy.


Caleb Ridgway said...

I love you mom. I can't wait to see you on Weds. Im so proud of you.

kelly said...

Oh, I love you buddy! I can't wait to see you either. You have made me so proud and I love the person you have become. See you soon!

Bob Gentile said...

LOL ahhhhhh that porta potty story, too funny!

Hope u had a good long run and now time to taper down!!


Way to spare the lizard girl!

Meghan said...

Oh my gosh!

I can't believe there was a lizard in the poo, in the porta potty?! My questions are, how did it get in there, why did it go in there, how long had it been there? You were very kind to try and help it out. :)

Oh my gosh!

Hope you're doing well, Kelly!


rick said...

Hey Kelly. TRT is almost upon us! Thanks for the input on ART. It's not cheap but definitely effective. She got to the heart of the matter, the main injury that's causing the tight IT band and tight quads.

Looking forward to meeting you and friends at TRT and nice going on helping the lizard out. I hope it made it out.