Friday, July 17, 2009

The Adventure of life

In the adventure of life, there are those who live it vicariously and enjoy the ride in the safety of an arm chair. And that's good. There are those who have a few choices to realize an incredible and life changing experience, and though they don't repeat them, they carry with them a growth in personal philosophy for the rest of their lives. And there are those whom a taste is never enough. For whom the lust of adventure is nearly insatiable. The end of one adventure only signifies the beginning of another. Survivor Man

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shawn said...

wow. This is inspiring. So. Okay. I only ran 6.2 miles today for my first time.... 10k race.. but to me, it was my own personal experience of a lifetime. No matter where we are in this adventure in life .... as long as we have left the safety of our armchair and pushing ourselves forward, ... it is enough.

Thanks for this post, Kelly!