Thursday, July 23, 2009

Running on the Tahoe Rim Trail

Last Saturday, I toed the starting line of the TRT 50 mile. TRT 50 mile is a tough race. With heat and elevation, it always kicks my butt. Saturday was no exception. My training leading up to TRT was sucky. A 38 mile run at Western States ( I was pacing), and a 25 mile slow, time on my feet, kind of run at Lake Sonoma. That was it and it was not ideal. I was in 50k shape, but certainly not 50 mile shape. Especially this race.

My personal best time there was 10:31 and I struggle to repeat that time. I finished this year in 10:43. Ugh. Miles of bad stomach and mental torture were on the menu for me this year. It must be the altitude that makes running this race so hard for me. Oh, well. I am so happy that I am healthy and able to run at all. Fifty miles is a HELL of a long way no matter how you cut it. I'll take 10:43, no problem!

I am excited and motivated as I write this. I have 3 races that I am looking at that get my heart pumping. I need that. There is something about having a goal to run towards. I will let you know what they are as they become a reality. Two are 100 milers and one is a stage race. Woohoo!

On Friday, my son and I are going on a 3 day backpacking trip. We are going to have so much fun! We are both rookies at this, so I am keeping my toes and fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly. Whatever happens out there, I feel privileged to be able to spend time with a wonderful 23 year old!


Will said...

That is a great time for a 50 miler at altitude. Enjoy the mountains with your son!

Peter Lubbers said...

Indeed, a great time for that course, Kelly. Sorry I must have just missed you at the finish (I was pacing Sean Lang and stopped by briefly)
Have a great hiking trip!