Thursday, September 24, 2009

Going Nucking Futs

This is what I wrote in a text to my friend. "I am going nucking futs. Any questions?"

Seriously, I am serious! Being laid up is a total drag. I am not a daytime TV person and I hate to say that I am getting up close and personal with Dr. Oz and Court tv. Life is a drag when you are caged up.

Yesterday I went to the Doctor expecting him to give me the okay to start swimming. But no, he redressed my foot and didn't take out the sutures and said, I'll see you in two weeks. Wow, two more weeks of bathing in a bathtub with my foot in the air! Two more weeks of no swimming, no driving, no nothin honey. Oh, well, it's all good. I am trying to keep a good attitude and suck it up.

On a positive note, my diet is going well. I am not on a diet, but my eating is doing well. I haven't had any cookies, cake, frozen yogurt, or bars since the 17th. I have cut way back on the amount of nuts I eat, too. That was getting totally out of hand. Nuts are healthy right? But 2-3 cups a day? Crazy! I need to start drinking more water because that is really a problem for me. I don't ever drink enough water so that is my next goal. I am also going to start doing pullups and some bicep curls just so that I don't start to feel like a marshmellow.

I am just one of those people who doesn't like to sit still. I thrive on movement. I am like a hamster on a wheel. Always moving, always distracted. I sound like a spaz, and I guess I probably am. Now I am a spaz in a cage. Picture that. It's not pretty.

I had this surgery for a reason and I feel good about that. I know that I will be stronger from this layoff as my body never gets any down time unless I am sick or injured. This layoff will do me good. I have some exciting running goal for 2010, and I will be thankful that I had my toes operated on during that 10th hour of a 100 mile race.

Have a great weekend people, and make sure and get your shoes dirty this weekend. I will be trying to NOT get my bandages dirty this weekend. Wow, what a bore!

The Three Complaint Rule
Practice the "three complaint rule." When it comes to complaining, you are allowed to complain about something three times. After that, either change your attitude, change your behavior, accept the situation, or move on (and stop complaining)
. Lucy MacDonald


Lupe said...

Hi Kelly, glad you're taking care of yourself even though you've got a major case of cabin fever.
I have a suggestion for the lack of water intake...well, this is what really worked for me...Nalgene 32 oz. bottle twice a day. I drink one from 8 - 12pm and then the other 1 - 5pm. This works for me especially because I sit at a desk for 9 hours a day.
I'm feeling a ton better and started running last felt good to finally be out there.
I look forward to reading another about you doing another 100 mile race.
Many prayers that you heal fast!
p.s. avoid day time TV it's awful! Maybe try Turner Classic Movie Channel??

kelly said...

Hey Lupe, thanks for the suggestion. I have a Nalgene bottle and I will try that. 64 oz. is a lot of water, phew! But that is good! Thanks, I definitely will try that starting today. I will let you know how it goes. Have a great week of running and as always, thanks for reading my blog.


Funny quote! Make the best of it.. maybe something positive will come out of this experience. When I broke my tibfib, I thought I was going to DIE of boredom.... but I learned a lot from the experience (especially in terms of slowing down). I actually ran harder and better after the break ! Maybe The appreciation of what could have been lost? I dont know. But I hope you find a silver lining... somewhere... and would love to hear about it.