Monday, September 7, 2009

Running and racing with a happy heart

Yesterday I ran the Run on the Sly 50k in Pollock Pines, Ca. I ran the 50 mile there in 2003. For some reason they only have a 50k, 20 miler, and an 8 mile race there now. I wanted to run a 50k before my toe surgery that is scheduled for Sept. 18th. I am not in 50 mile shape and it was looking sketchy whether I could even pull off a 50k! The longest run I have run since July has been only 3 hours but I felt pretty good and thought....why not? The race starts uphill and continues with rolling hills for the entire course. Actually, that is my kind of race. It is a very runnable course with lots of little ups and downs. I wasn't able to run the entire course, but if I was in just a little better shape, it could have been possible. The weather was good, probably around 80 degrees and the trees provided lots of shade. Looking back on what I did right, and what I did wrong, I can say that I probably did not eat or drink enough. My energy level was fine, but it would not have lasted if I was running any longer. I wasn't drinking like I should have and I only took 2 succeed caps all day. What I did right. I ran confident, and positive the entire race. I enjoyed my ipod and sang along with my favorite songs. I had fun and I enjoyed myself. I was thankful for my health and for the ability to run with a happy heart. I finished 7th overall and 1st woman in a time of 4:57:12. I am happy with my time and my finish. I can now have my surgery and look forward to the time when I can run again with pain free toes. I also need to mention that I wore my Drymax socks and had no blisters or hot spots. I wore the new "hyper thin running socks" and loved them every step of the way.



Wow, you are amazing! You did that well and only did 3 hr runs leading up to it....and with a sore toe! I'm doing my first 50K ever in two weeks, have logged some 4 and 5 hr runs and still don't feel confident. Thanks for the inspiration.


Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Training less and still first woman! so unfair. :)

Good luck with your surgery and recovery. Please explain what this entails and let us know how it goes.


olga said...

yay, Kelly!