Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have a secret I must confess: every once in awhile, especially since I have been laid up with an injury, I read POSTSECRET. Check it out if you want.

Today is a terribly rainy day with high winds. My toe is sore and I am feeling kinda blah today. I wish I could get out and feel the rain on my face, but it's just not going to happen. I think I am starting to feel a little sorry for myself. I am having my own secret pity party.

Last week, when I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed with my post recovery situation, I noticed a guy at the gym that I have seen many times before. He walks with a horrible limp and the sole of his right shoe is built up and taller than the left. He ambulates with a back and forth motion. Here I was feeling fed up with this ugly surgical shoe, my back aching and my heel throbbing, and I see him. He lives his life with this condition. He can not run. He has a very skinny right leg that will never be strong. He has lived and will live the rest of his life with this deformity. I realized how shallow I was that day. In a month I will be back to running and living my normal life. Soon, I will forget that I even had the surgery. On the other hand, this guy will continue on with a situation he can't control or change.

I had a choice to have this surgery. He does not get a choice. I am sorry that I am so shallow that I could even feel sadness for myself. Today, with the wind howling and the rain pelting down, I am thankful that I am whole and healthy. I am thankful for this downtime and for the life that I have.


Carilyn said...

Kelly, what a great blog! I am so sorry about your foot. It is hard to rest, isn't it. I feel your pain.

Thank you for checking in on me. It was a couple of scary months. I'll keep checking on you!



Great post. It certainly takes others situations to put ours into perspective. As a Physio, I see it all the time. Some people can barely walk or get out of bed due to pain...and It is a bit uncomfortable when they ask me about my weekend- where I ran for 4 hrs and did a million other things. It is refreshing to see your thankfulness. You WILL heal, and you will be back at your adventures!


Only one more month and you will run! Hang in there!