Friday, June 11, 2010

Five days until the Bighorn 100

Bighorn 100 is almost here. On Friday, I will line up at the starting line in Sheridan, Wyoming to begin my race. I am excited and scared at the same time. I am not a great 100 mile runner. I don't run them they way I need to run them. My first three 100's went well, but I think I start out too fast and then crash at about 50 miles. Nothing is more painful than dragging your sorry ass over mountains for 50 long miles. I know. I've been there, done that. I can run 50 miles fairly fast without a problem. I cannot run 50 miles fairly fast and then run another 50 miles fairly fast. Doesn't work for me. This time I am going to start very conservatively and continue that way. I am not going to worry about time or pace. My goal is simply to finish healthy. Forward, Relentless Motion.

When I didn't get into the lottery for Western States (my fave), or Mont Blanc, I looked for a race that was challenging and somewhere beautiful. I had heard so many great things about BH that I decided to give it a try. I think I am ready. All I need to do is get my shizle together and line up at the start line. I can't wait!

Leslie and I went for a night run last week to try out our lights before the race. My two new lights totally sucked. I returned them and decided to use my old favorite hand held. I'm not big on headlamps I guess.

On another note, I am going back to Costa Rica for The Coastal Challenge in January! If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you will probably remember that it was an adventure of a lifetime. Having the opportunity to compete there again is going to be great. I am so lucky. If any of you would like to run The Coastal Challenge or any of their races that are run in beautiful places, use discount code KR2010 for a 10% discount at registration. You don't have to be a great runner to enter. You just need to love adventure and be ready for anything!


meredith said...

I am so excited for you!! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Too funny! I am going for a last night "equipment test" tomorrow.

Sue said...

Wanted to wish you the best of luck at Bighorn Kelly...May the Force Be with you :)

NelsonandBoober said...

Woof, Woof, BARK, BARK! GO Kelly GO! 8 paws will be cheering for you and sending you positive vibes :)

olga said...

Kel, remember what you just said. Do not treat it as 2 50 mile races. Do not worry about pace or place. Go steady and stay strong throughout! I'll be cheering for you!

Jen and Angela said...

Go Kelly! Do what I always do: Start out slow and then slow down from there! Actually, I am known to be the negative split Queen. Starting out fast has never worked for me but then somehow I get warmed up by the second half. Good luck. You are such an inspiration! Jen

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

I'm very excited for you! After reading Olga's SD100 report and your troubles with degloving, I'm wondering what you're doing for your feet, blister prevention wise.

I like handheld lights too. Holding it near ground shows shadows and gives more 3-D information about the ground.

Good luck and can't wait to hear how it goes!


kelly said...

Thanks everyone for your nice comments. I will be thinking of each of you as I run through the Bighorn Mountains!