Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Touch of gray made my day!! Western States 100

Western States 100 is always an exciting day for me. Whether I am running it or pacing, there is always so much excitement going on. This year was no exception.

I paced my friend Tim Quinn who is a member of TEAM DIABLO and who also happens to be 63 years old. I picked him up at Foresthill (mile 62), and ran with him to Green Gate (mile 80). He ran so well and it was great watching his enthusiasm build as he passed runner after runner on our way down to the river. His daughter Tiffany took over at Green Gate and she brought him to the finish in a great time of 26:42! Fellow TEAM DIABLO runner and good friend, Wally Hesseltine is a fast runner who happens to be 66 years young. I love Wally because he is so competitive and such a great guy! He finished in an amazing time of 27:27! Dan Williams, another TEAM DIABLO runner at age 61 finished his 20th WS in a great time of 27:48! Dan is a special friend and such a competitor! He is so tough and I just love his energy! 64 year old Rod Dixon, a friend I met years ago while doing a Ride n Tie, ran a great race in 29:44! He pushed hard and despite hating the heat, finished strong and with a smile on his face!

These four sexy, fast men all have something in common. They are all sexagenarians! Wikipedia says that a sexagenarian is a person who is 60 years old or between the ages of 60 and 69. These guys are so impressive and I am so proud of them. In my world, I know many men that run ultras in that age group. For many people, imagining a 60+ year old man running 50 miles, much less 100 miles, would be mind boggling. For some of you, it might be impossible to imagine anyone running 100 miles. It takes so much physical strength and a heap of mental strength to run 100 miles. Through heat, snow, mud, rivers, creeks, elevation and uneven trails, these guys pushed their graying hair from Squaw Valley to Auburn. How is that for inspiration? Wow, just thinking about these guys makes me tired. If this doesn't motivate you, then you must be dead. Don't couch potato it and let yourself be old. Get up and get moving. One day you will be a Sexagenarian!


olga said...

Those are really inspirational, totally agree! Too bad I didn't get to see you. I've met Tim Quinn a few years ago (5?) at Capitol Peak 54 miler 2 weeks before WS. He is super-strong! And just getting better!

meredith said...

Such a treat to see you at Foresthill!!! I DID IT!!

Now let's go have fun at 50s :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, I'm pretty sure it was Tim I ran with up to Robinson, but I thought he said his name was Kim. We've run together before, and he is a great guy! You are right, they are all amazing! Best, Lina

Chris and Amy said...

I just met my mom for a vacation in California. While we were there we ran the Angel Island 25K trail race. She's 63 and this was her first trail run and her first hilly course since she's from FL. We finished together in 3:30. I'm so proud of her and hope I'm still running like her in 30 years.

Jen and Angela said...

Great post! I think I have a touch of grey somewhere under all this blonde hair. Western States, here I come! Jen

Norma Bastidas said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks so much for the post! my sister has a lot of questions about diet, she is a very healthy eater and has been for a long time, a vegan mostly except for the occasional fish, is there anything else she can do to help her Lupus? can she contact you as well? thanks