Friday, January 28, 2011


Tamara and I arrived to San Jose, Costa Rica last night. It was a long day of travel but we made it here safely. We got up early and took a 20 minute run through the city. The smog and noise of honking horns is terrible. Everyone drives like they are in a huge hurry and motorcycles whiz by like bees. The weather here is warm and sticky. We both have gone through our stuff probably a 100 times and I still can´t find anything. My organizational skills are the pits. Tamara brought enough food and electrolytes for an army, so if I need anything I know where to find it. I am so excited to be here and thankful for the opportunity to run this amazing race again. I have found peace with myself about my knee injury and will just go out and enjoy the adventure. I was so hoping to have been in great shape going into this race, but it wasnt meant to be. This will be a test of patience. Yes.....patience. I dont understand that word very well. The weather is too nice to be sitting here at the computer, so off to the pool! Pura Vida!!

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