Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coastal Challenge starts tomorrow

Today was quite a busy here in Costa Rica. After a nice breakfast, Tamara, Alec and I went into the city. It was busy and full of lots of activity. We walked through an open air market and bought some fresh coffee to bring home. Being the dumb blond that I am, I said to Alec, "this place looks like we are in a foreign country." To which he replied, "I guess thats because we ARE in a foreign country." Wow, did I feel stupid!

Tonight the runners were entertained with beautiful dancing girls and young men drumming. The girls were in skimpy outfits with feathered stars high on their backs. It was quite entertaining. Immediately after, Rodrigo and Tim (race directors), gave us a long winded race briefing. It sounds like it will be very hot and humid and more mud than we could ever imagine.

There are runners from London, Canada, Spain, Costa Rica, USA, Bermuda and Austria. Everyone is very excited. I am so thankful to be here. We will be up early to bring our action packers full of our gear to the trucks at 5am. We will leave at 5:30 am for the start. A long bus ride of 3 hours and then we will begin this adventure from Quepos.

We have met so many nice people here. That is always the great part of races. Meeting exciting adventurous people. Risk takers, people who are not afraid to push themselves. I love that so much. I feel so alive when I am pushing myself. Many of you who read this blog know exactly what I mean.

To my family, thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams. I will be smiling despite being uncomfortable. I know that I am so lucky. So blessed. Chelsea, this race is for you my sweet daughter. You know why. For everyone else, I will think of you all and be thankful and send good thoughts and prayers your way. Getting through any race always takes a positive attitude and a thankful heart, I will have both of those things.

So, now it is time to repack. Yes, once again. Happy running, my friends......


Ewa said...

Costa Rica is such an amazing country. Many powers could learn from this little country's example.
Sounds you have a great start to a wonderful adventure. I am looking forward to your future posts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly!
Thinking of you from're a great runner, I am sure you will make an amazing race!

Anonymous said...

I have just seen the results of the first stage!! Third at less than 10 minutes from Jen Segger and Monica Aguilera: you are awesome Kelly!

Jen said...

I wonder what the poor people are doing? Much love. You are amazing!