Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A letter from Kelly "I'm Alive and Well"

Hi! This is Shawn, Kelly's sister.

It's tough to write a blog for her when I have so little knowledge to report.

The Coastal Challenge website has so little information as you know if you've gone there to visit.

But I do know this.
I know Kelly is feeling totally free and totally connected to the earth and god and the sky and the jungle. I can only imagine, at the end of each day of running her heart out, as the rushing waters wash off the mud and sweat, she must think back to her day and feel completely humbled and honored as a guest in that sacred land. One of those spiritual mystical times that words have no ability to describe.

I would like to share with you an email Kelly wrote yesterday afternoon to family and friends:

January 31, 1:00 pm

Hey everyone,

I just finished my second day and finished 4th woman. It was very hot and humid today and the climbs were brutal. The end was a swim across water at the beach. A beautiful way to finish this stage. But first off, I want to tell you about day 1.

The start was at 10am and was already baking hot.

I felt quite good though and finished at the Rafiki Lodge.

The Rafiki Lodge is set in the middle of the Rainforest and it is such a beautiful place to stay. The bugs were terrible last night though and as the evening went on it only got hotter and more humid. I had to laugh thinking about you, Matt, you would of literally died last night. It was so flippin hot. I even found myself complaining about it.

One of the Costa Rican guys told us to make sure we keep the tent zipped up to prevent any snakes from getting in. It did not keep the bugs out though and they swarmed my face all night.

It was a cold night and without anything warm I just about froze to death. Tonight I am borrowing a blanket.

I paid for 5 massages and I just finished my 2nd one. They are the best massages I have ever had.

The dogs here are wild and like to chase you through the villages. I almost got trampled from about 15 horned cows that were running behind me and it was scary because I was on a narrow trail.

Ive taken a lot of pictures, so I think you will all enjoy them.

I am having a wonderful time. I feel totally blessed to be able to be here.

Thanks, Pat, for the tent. It is working out beautifully! I hope you are all doing well. I miss you all very much. Being here and doing this race is just incredible.

I know this email is really jumping around, but I am tired and not able to think very well. I have a lot to say but no energy to say it. I will save it all for when I get home. I love you all!!!


To read what Jen Segger (placing in 2nd at this point) has to say about her experience, you can read about it here. She writes a really wonderful blog describing her experience running the coastal challenge. I tried to comment on her blog, but comments are only open to her team.

Thanks for reading and for supporting Kelly!

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