Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 4: The Revenge of the Borucas

Today's course is titled "The Revenge of the Borucas" because of its location in what used to be the home to the Borucas Indians. The roller-coaster route is difficult and some say that it's a twisted version of trick or treat.

Earlier this morning many of the runners experienced The Revenge of the Borucas personally as they possibly drank polluted water that has made them very sick. By the first Aid Station, many couldn't go on... and officially dropped out, including Kelly and her running friend, Tamara.

Of course, she feels sad and depleted, but she experienced three great days of running and if she feels well enough by tomorrow, she and Tamara will join those on the Adventure Run.

Kelly feels deeply grateful and rediculously lucky to have had this kind of experience woven into her soul. I can hardly wait to see the photos.

I am sincerely wishing all the runners improved health in a hurry.

I wish you strength. I wish you hope. I wish you relief. I wish you a perfect new day.

love, Shawn


Stephanne said...

Love you Kelly! Hope you are OK!

Jen said...

Don't drink the water! Drink the Costa Rican coffee. It's the worlds best. You are a true inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Kelly... I hope you are OK now...
A great hug

Doone Watson said...

So sad to hear about the bug - that's a lousy way to have to drop, especially since a day or two later you usually feel fine. Camp life is the pits when you are sick!

Sarah Lavender Smith said...

I'm so sorry to hear this about you and Tamara -- hang in there and be well!

Anonymous said...

Just heard about this today from Tammi's husband. I knew it was DNF from the website and felt terrible that you could not finish as there was so much training and planning involved. Better bad water than snakes or aligators, right? Carry on girls I am sure you both have already started planning the next adventure.

xx00 - Tam's Mom

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

SO difficult to take a dnf when your heart in soul is so connected to the event and journey.

Hope you are feeling MUCH better!