Sunday, April 22, 2007

On the trails again.....

Yeah, my blister is finally healing!! Woo hoo!! That has been the longest healing sore in the history of sores! Wow, unbelievable.
I went out for a nice run today with Naomi and Bill. We ran the double dipsea. It was a beautiful day and it was so nice to be out on the trails again. My friend Ana called and asked me to pace her at Diablo 50 miler next Sunday, and I am so excited to run with her. I am only running 12 miles with her, but it will be a tough 12!! I really need some time on my feet right now, as time is ticking and I have done so little training.
Please take a moment to read Jacob's blog. He just ran the Boston Marathon and finished DFL. (dead fu@#ing last). It is funny and inspiring.


Anonymous said...

mom do you know jacob?? (the guy who ran the boston marathon). how did you hear about that? chels sent me a link and i nearly cried it was so cute. i remember when the double dipsea was a huge step for you. how odd that it is now a training that you think nothing of. love you.

kelly said...

No, I don't know him. I just thought it was a neat blog. Kinda sad, and funny too. Yes, the double dipsea was a HUGE step at one time. Now it's just peanuts, Ha!!