Monday, April 9, 2007

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

One step forward and two steps back---that is what my training has been like since August. I noticed in August that I was tired and feeling rundown. Lab tests showed that I was anemic. In September I DNF'd at Wasatch after starting the race with a flu virus and then getting very sick on the trail to find that I had Rhabdomyolysis. After a 20lb weight loss and three months to recover, I started to train again. I ran my first race after Wasatch at the end of December (33k), and felt pretty good with a first place finish. I still felt like I had a lot of work to do to feel strong again. In February, my right ankle which had at times been bothering me, started to really flare up. After x-rays, a bone scan, and a MRI, it was concluded that I had a severe tendonosis of my posterior tibial tendon. I wore a boot cast for 4 weeks and then anxious to start running again, I went for a long run. Stupid. In new shoes much less!! Well, to make a very long story short, I got a huge quarter size blister on my heel. One hour into my 10 hour run!! Damn! What was I thinking? So now I sit here frustrated and depressed because I am kind of back to square one again! Somewhere I read a quote that said, "Walk in the direction you wish to be going." I keep on moving forward, eating right, getting into the pool and swimming mindless laps, and trying to be the healthiest I can be, but somehow, I just keep missing the mark. Friday, I leave for a running adventure. We are planning to run the double crossing of the Grand Canyon. I am apprehensive and uneasy. I hope my ankle and my blister don't cause me problems. Ultra runners tend to push the envelope when it comes to training. I plead guilty on that one. So on Saturday morning I will treat my blister, duct tape my heel,and take off on an adventure that I have looked forward to for a long time. I will take it slow and steady and remember to enjoy the journey as many of us forget to do in this race called life. I hope that you will all take time to enjoy your next long run. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Make the most of your run TODAY!!


Bob Gentile said...

Kelly Said:I will take it slow and steady and remember to enjoy the journey as many of us forget to do in this race called life. I hope that you will all take time to enjoy your next long run.

Very well said!!!

Hi Kelly nice blog and nicer(is that a word) blister (ouch) take care of that one!!

Have a great week,


kelly said...

thanks Bob! I'm trying to be positive!

Lisa B said...

Whew! That's a nice blister! That shouldn't bother you too much if you dress it up really good..., but not having RESTRAINT with returning to running after injury will. Believe me, I KNOW all about that first hand. I didn't run ultras for nearly 2 years because I just couldn't control the rate at which I returned to running. Running felt so good and I was ABLE to do the long runs; however, I always ended up injured afterwards because I just did 2 much 2 soon 2 quick with 2 little restraint. I ended up pretty miserable with no one to blame but myself. I would definitely have returned slower if I had to do it all over again. I think I wouldn't been back to running much quicker.

I'd hate to see that happen to you, a far superior runner than me.

Have fun at the GC 2Xing. Making it a fun trip sounds like the best thing. Please be careful! We care about your legs!

All the best,

kelly said...

thanks Lisa for the reminder. It's hard to refrain from running when you know everyone is getting in great shape while you turn to jelly! Have a great day.