Sunday, April 1, 2007

Training in the Canyons

Friday was a great training day. Suzanna, Florencia, Paul, Leslie, Eva, and I went up to the Western States Trail and ran the canyons. We ran from Foresthill to Last Chance. A couple of us, (me included), turned around at the swinging bridge before the big climb up to Last Chance. It was a beautiful day with very little snow up high. It was incredibly beautiful with lots of downed trees in El Dorado Canyon and it was exciting talking about the race and all the other stuff you talk about on long runs. I have the worst stomach on long races, so we traded ideas about which foods, gels, and electrolyte drinks worked or didn't work for us. I had forgotten, and it didn't take me long to remember, how greuling Devils Thumb, Michigan Bluff and Volcano Canyon can be. That was my first real run since my boot came off last week, so I was really working it on those canyons. Boy, was I BEAT!!! Don't forget to bring lots of water and salt tabs when you train there. You don't want to get caught out there unprepared. I hope you all had a great day as I did. Thanks Matt, for all the support you give me when I am doing an "all dayer". My GPS said that I ran about 30 miles.

"Life is short, running WS makes it seem longer."-unknown

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olga said...

30 miles right after a break - wow, impressive! Sounds like a fun run, kelly!