Friday, March 30, 2007

Snake hunting with Tyler

We had a great dinner at my Mom's house last night. All the kids were home and it was so fun to get together. Matt and I, my sister, and my brother and his wife and two kids came. Tyler, my two and a half year old nephew wanted to go out salamander hunting. After exhausting all the secret hiding places of every creature imaginable, we found this tiny baby snake. He wasn't too sure about holding it though. As you can see by this photo, that snake had a mouth the size of a fly!! I just could not convince him to trust that snake not to bite him.

It brought back alot of memories of when I was little. I could spend hours catching lizards and snakes and taking care of all my animals. I guess you can tell by this that I was a major tomboy who prayed every night that I would turn into a boy. I just loved being out and getting dirty. I am sooo glad that I didn't get my wish, as I would have really been quite wimpy as a boy, and I do like being a girl (thanks God).

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