Friday, March 23, 2007

Running At Last!

Today I went out and ran for 1.5 hours with Paul and Naomi. Naomi is my good friend who paced me at Wasatch last year. I was nervous about my ankle after going for my first official walk- run yesterday after getting my boot off. My ankle is sore and stiff. I took an Advil and iced my ankle pre and post run and it feels okay right now. It was so incredible to be out on the trails again. I just feel a little apprehensive about pushing it too much. Swimming with the Masters have really paid off. I felt like I hadn't missed a day of running!! We will see what happens on a LONG run or a FAST run. I'm sure that will be a different story. I think I will try and go up to the Western States trail on Friday with a few friends. My plan is to just go easy and get some time on my feet. I am excited to get back up there. The weather is so beautiful out that it is hard to stay down for long.


olga said...

You mean, you were off for 3 weeks and the went for 1.5 hrs? Is your coach aware? :)
Be nice to your ankle! Glad you didn't feel anu fitness loss with the swimming! Yay for WS course! Now I miss it, after the fact I refused to apply this year...have fun!

Christina W said...

Kelly, great blog! I was thinking recently about having a running blog myself. I'm sorry to hear about your foot but I'm glad to hear you're getting back into it. The trails are always amazing to jump back on after a long break. Good luck with everything and I hope to run with you soon. I've been taking it easy for awhile because I've been sick/busy with school/and semi-injured. You're in states this year right?