Saturday, September 1, 2007

Wasatch Mountains-something magical

It is almost time...7 more days until Wasatch Front 100. I am working on a pace chart and trying to figure out my drop bags. Everything is laid out on the bed in perfect order, only to be thrown in a clothes basket tonight at bedtime. Oh, how unorganized I am! The course layout of Wasatch just seems so chaotic! No, I think it is just me. I am hoping for a 27-28 hour finish. That would earn me the Spirit of the Wasatch belt buckle, awarded to the runners finishing in under 30 hours. You are given 36 hours to complete the race. I am confident that I will run well there. That is my plan. After last year, I am a little uneasy about my race, but I am feeling a lot more healthy this year and that is good. My friend Sunny Blende is pacing me from Lambs Canyon (53 mi.) to Brighton (75 mi.). I'm pretty sure that I have another pacer from Brighton to the finish, but it is not totally set yet. Hopefully, that will get confirmed in the next couple of days. As usual, I will go out there confident and positive. I am excited to be out in the mountains again. Something about being in the mountains makes me feel ALIVE! When I paced there in 2005, I felt something magical there, I couldn't really explain it. I just couldn't wait to be back. When I returned there in 2006, the magic just wasn't there. I felt too sick to really enjoy my time there, and I have very little recollection of the race. I had serious doubts whether I would actually be able to run again after that. A year later, and I am healthy and pumped up. I ask that you give me positive vibes as I embark on this run.
"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"- Pre


olga said...

Kelly, go out there, have guts and run the best race of your life! You're fit and have a great attitude!!! I'll be watching you, girlie!

kelly said...

Thanks, Olga. Do you have any pointers for me out there? I hope I have a good race, but you never know.

olga said...

I'll email you tomorrow.