Monday, September 17, 2007

Today is a better day. I can smile today and laugh at myself. Yesterday was one of those days when I felt like maybe I wasn't going to get better. I found myself feeling silently anxious, nervous about how sick I felt.

I hate feeling sick. I hate not having abundant energy and having my mind be blank. I am one of those people who thrive on activity. I am always thinking about trips that may or may not happen and places I must see before I leave this life. So much to see, so little time. Yes, today is a good day.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of Wasatch. Put it on your list of to do's. It is a beautiful race worth experiencing. Have a great day.

When you're told that you have some kind of physical affliction, you can either prepare to suffer or prepare to heal. Wayne Dyer


David Harper said...


So glad to hear you are ok. I was following along during the event as much as I could, and knew something was wrong, but saw that you finished. Then your blog stayed quiet, so I figured you were just resting or vacationing. So I just read all of this. WOW! What a champion you are. We all hope for the perfect race, but your character shows through when things don't go your way and you have to overcome the obsticles. I'm happy you are recovering and doing well. How odd that you have these issues at Wasatch. In any case, what a super performance, thank goodness you are recovering and not having additional serious issues. Be careful out there!

Congratulations to you.

Bob Gentile said...

Hi My Strong Don't Quit Friend, SOOOOOOOOOOOO Glad today was a better day for you... You have been in my prayers.

Heal UP!! and Look forward to meeting you at an Ultra Event in 2008' and it's NOT Wasatch OK :-)

kelly said...

Thanks, Dave. Boy, I bet you are glad that you didn't pace me, huh? I would have felt really bad if you had come all that way. Sounds like you are doing well and ready for your bike race. I can't wait to see how you do. I know you will do great out there.

GB said...

Those are great pictures, Kelly. And I hope you get back to feeling yourself again soon. I know what you mean about thriving on activity. Hang in there. You'll be out there abusing your body (just kiddin) again before you know it.