Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I saw this poster in the subway in NYC. I really liked it. Wouldn't it be cool to have your picture on this poster?

Our trip to NYC was just fantastic! We had a tour of New York University and we just loved our time in Manhattan. A beautiful city. As I've said in this blog before, we went to NY to see NYU. Courtney had narrowed her college choices between NYU and USC. Last weekend she had spent in Southern California and then we were off to NY. I kept my opinions and my thoughts to myself because I didn't want to influence her either way. I was secretly hoping that she would choose USC. After spending several hours at NYU, she told us that she liked USC and wanted to go there. Phew! We all thought that NYU would be a great place for Graduate School. Courtney feels like it just isn't the right fit for her at this time. So now she will be a USC Trojan!

Saturday I am running in the MiWok 100k in Sausalito, Ca. I have run it several times. The 100k is not a distance I do well in. There is something about running 12 miles longer than a 50 that gets me. My strategy this year is to go out much slower and try to pace myself so that I can run stronger the second half. I think that if I can keep the calories going in and be smart about the race, I can run a smarter race. I would like to run under 11:30 for 62 miles. I feel confident that I can do that. Olga is running MiWok too. It will be fun to run a race with her again.

If you happen to see me at the race on Saturday, please introduce yourself!


Mechelle said...

Hi Kelly, I don't know of another way to contact you so I'd thought I would try to leave a comment. I am a runner recently diagnosed with lupus (1/08) and can not find any information regarding runners WITH lupus, I find a lot of people running FOR lupus, but I need help with maintaining the quality of life I am used to and that includes lots of running, biking and tennis. I would love a chance to ask you some questions about your own journey with lupus. My email is belugiesfarm@hotmail.com

Thanks, mechelle

kelly said...

Thanks Mechelle for commenting. I look forward to talking to you. Good luck with everything. Just remember, don't give up!!