Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mudders Day

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day tomorrow. I am spending Mothers Day with my family. It will be a great day! I am going to miss spending time with Caleb and Chelsea who are in school in Southern California. I hope they remember to call me and say hi. I will be hurt if they forget. :( Oh, and all you men, don't forget to call the Mothers in your life. We are important don't you know. Even Egyptians love their mummys. Ha Ha.


doodlestreet said...

You gave me a great idea! A nice little blog for my mom on her special day.-- (
I just know you're phone is ringing off the hook today with two phone calls from OC!
Have a great day with your family (happy mothers day to you)--I hope your mom is feeling, and doing well...and oh, I think Shawn is going to need a double dose of caffiene today. :o)

Bob Gentile said...

Hope U had a Great Mudders Day :-)

You are a Super Mom!!