Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Run far, run farther in Drymax socks

I am excited to announce that I have joined the Drymax family and will be running exclusively in Drymax socks. My friend Olga Varlamova gave me a pair and I have been addicted ever since. If you are looking for a great sock that is tough enough to last a tough 100 miler, and then more, all without the distraction of blisters, look no further. Please check out their blog to see what all the Drymax athletes are up to. I am excited to be running in such a great sock that has proved itself time and time again in all kinds of conditions. Thank you, Drymax socks!


kate said...

Thanks Kelly! I received my first pair as a birthday present this past spring and couldn't agree more with you more!

Mary Stoinski said...

Even though I'm only a "short distance" runner, I am going to go out and by a pair of Drymax just because of the great plug you gave for their brand! Thanks! :)

olga said...

Yay, Kelly! The socks are great, and the company are awesome too!