Friday, September 26, 2008

Winter's a coming; get out there and MOVE

Today, Tamara, Suzanna and I had lunch at a great Italian restaurant in Sonoma. Tamara and I both had Lasagna and Suz had something I can't pronounce. It was so delicious! I will need to run really hard tomorrow to burn off all of that food! We had a great time talking about running, runners, adventures we want to do, weird people, and did I mention running? I followed up my lunch with an upper body workout at the gym. It feels really good to work your arms and upper body. All this work better pay off!! I love doing it anyway, so I'm just kidding. I learned a new exercise the other day. I think it is called negatives and you jump up to the chin-up bar and do a chin-up and then you S L O W L Y lower yourself down. It is really hard to do after a few of them. Something this hard has got to be good for me. You can use a step or something to help you jump up and reach the bar if necessary. So anyway, happy trails to you all this weekend. Winter's coming so get out there while the gettin's good.

A few of us are planning a climb up Mt. Whitney running the trails that are not used by the usual hikers. It is about a 45 mile trek. We are going to apply for a permit for a run there in May or June. Should be fun.

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