Sunday, September 7, 2008

Running long and feeling strong

I have really been a blog slacker lately. I really don't have much to say these days. It's hard to come up with something that you all might find interesting. Oh well, here is the recap of my week.

Karen and I have made it out to Armstrong Woods to run 3 times in the last week and a half. It is an awesome park with lot's of ups and downs and lot's of technical trails. The park is in a very remote area and there is a lot of pigs and other wildlife to be seen there. Our runs have been slow but they have been really good. We've run two 14 milers and a 18 miler out there. It was HOT each time and I kept thinking how heat trained I was, and then it occurred to me, heat trained for what? I have no races coming up that will require me to be heat trained. Bummer. Kind of like "all dressed up and no where to go."
I also ran an 18 miler with Leslie last weekend at Mt. Burdell. She was getting ready to pace Beth Vitalis at Wasatch which was this weekend. Beth DNF'd due to some medical issues. My friend Chris Garcia finished and I am anxious to hear his account on that monster of a race! Definitely a butt kicker!

Next weekend Suzanna and I are driving down to AC 100 with our friend Jeff. The three of us are all pacing friends at the race. It should be fun. Suzanna won the womens race last year and holds the course record there.

Matt and I had a nice weekend of eating, eating, and more eating. We enjoyed walking around Sausalito yesterday and had a wonderful dinner in Healdsburg. We used a gift certificate for the restaurant that I got from winning a race. It was really enjoyable knowing that I could order ANYTHING. We came home to a yard full of Turkeys and several turkeys on our roof. Our area has more turkeys then china has tea, so it is common to have to wait at busy intersections while a flock of turkeys (20 or 30) cross the street. Today we went to John and Lisa's Harvest Party and enjoyed their lovely home and gardens. The food was fabulous and we enjoyed visiting with many of our running friends.

I bought a 24 gallon "action packer" at REI this weekend too. It is the required container that The Coastal Challenge wants us to have to put all our race stuff in. It's exciting to think that it is quickly approaching. Suzanna, Leslie, and Florencia will be training for the HURT 100 in January so we all can train together at the same time. The Coastal Challenge starts on Feb. 1st.

I hope you all were not too bored with my mundane writing. The long runs have made me feel more conditioned and my bad ankle is feeling better. Even my PF is better. I hope everyone has a good week at work or at home and that you are making health a priority in your life. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Make today count.

Examine what you believe to be impossible, and then change your beliefs. Dr. Wayne Dyer

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