Friday, December 12, 2008

Did I really just join Facebook?

I finally broke down and joined Facebook. I may regret it, though. It looks complicated and confusing. I don't know. I will give it a go for a few weeks and see if I can figure out what a poke is or what writing on my wall means. With this ADD mind of mine, it all seems too much. I want to scream, "Stop the bus, I want to get off." HELP!!

This morning a group of running friends and I are running a long run that will take us from Pt. Reyes to the Golden Gate Bridge. It is all trail and is a beautiful route. This years route is slightly shorter at approximately 60-65 miles in length. The weather calls for rain so I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the rain will wait until Sunday. I will be wearing my Drymax socks and it will be a good test wearing them out in the rain and muck. I will let you know how they perform. Have a wonderful day of shopping or doing whatever you want to do or HAVE to do. PEACE OUT!!


olga said...

Kelly. I joined Facebook a year ago, and it was overwhelming only for a couple of weeks, when everybody joins as a friend. Once I realized I can't commit my time to follow it, I just stopped going there and only respond when get a note on the wall. It's that simple:) It is your decision what is it going to be - a mean of communication with friends and trying to keep up with everybody, or just a place for an occasional visit.

Bob from said...

Stop the bus, I want to get off." HELP!!
lol ya I am not on dat Facebook bus yet and I think I will keep it that way :-)

Hope u had a great run today!

Mechelle said...

I'm with you! I just received an email from a friend today suggesting that I join. I have trouble keeping up with the blog and to learn something all new, ugh.

Good luck with your new quest!

Victoria said...

Ooh! Facebook is fun! It's a great way to find out useless information about people you know. Exciting things like "Drinking coffee," or "Got back from a rainy run."

Feel free to friend me... ha! (Plus, Facebook turned the word "friend" into a verb.)

kelly said...

Well, everyone, this facebook is alot of gibberish if you ask me. I am kinda liking it though! Once I figure it out, I will probably really enjoy it. We'll see. Thanks everyone for the notes.

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

it does have the potential to make you lose time to run, blog and other things you love, but does keep you connected. if i invite you play Scrabble, don't accept!