Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Epic Run

Saturday was an epic day for a run. A really LONG run. A really LONG, COLD, BEAUTIFUL run.
Eight of us started at Bear Valley at 6am with our lights and the moon lighting our way. Our goal? To run about 70 miles to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was beautiful under the canopy of trees and we all had a great time swapping stories and joking about Facebook. It was funny to find out that everyone running had recently joined. Well, everyone but Suzanna. I don't think we convinced her to join the madness of Facebook.

We continued along while other friends joined in along the way. A few stopped after about 25 miles, but Suz and I were continuing on for the whole enchilada. We had a roving aid station that met us at specific stops and it was the best aid station I have ever seen. We ate so much that I think I gained weight!
As morning became afternoon, and afternoon became night, we continued on. The moon was the biggest it has been in 13 years and the shooting stars were amazing. We all secretly hoped to see a mountain lion this year but that was not to be. At 12 midnight, we reached the Golden Gate Bridge. Five very happy campers. We had ran about 70 miles. Lots of mountainous trails and no pavement. It was totally epic! My Drymax socks rocked as usual. No blisters or hot spots. My toes were sore from pushing off on steep rocky trails, but other than that no problems. It was a great day for a jaunt in the hills. We all came to the conclusion that what is said on the trails, stays on the trails. Running with good friends is the best. Another great run with great people. What could be better than that?


olga said...

Holly molly, Kelly, you girls are really truly something! Definitely fun!

Heather said...

I had such a fun time running with you, Kelly. Thanks for an unforgettable day on those gorgeous trails. I'm already looking forward to next year. Maybe you can convince me to join Facebook by then. :)

doodlestreet said...

I got one word for ya:


(It's been COLD up there! Where's yer leg warmers!?)

Victoria said...

What fun that sounds like! Especially the part about the moon lighting your path...