Friday, January 2, 2009

With less than a month before TCC, I am preparing myself for an amazing adventure. We are required to bring a 24 gallon "action Packer", a large lockable box, to put everything in that we will need in the race. Figuring out my fuel needs and how much of this and that I will need is difficult. Taking care of my feet, fuel and hydration needs, and recovery are going to be very important. Trying to plan ahead for what I may need is crucial.

Tomorrow is a LONG run of about 10 hours. It will be slow, with the emphasis on, "time on my feet." Hopefully, the weather will hold out and the rain will wait until Sunday.
We will start at Rodeo Beach and proceed from there.

Happy New Years to everyone! I am assuming that you are starting to think about goals and races for this coming season. As usual, I want to continue on my path to good, if not better, health. I have a few personal goals too. Trying to be a better person certainly is one of them.

I will keep you posted on my race plans for TCC for those of you who are interested. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!


Valerie said...

What a great picture of you three.....your Mom is absolutely adorable! Ok, you two looks like her but don't get a big head! love, Valerie

meredith said...

It has been a while, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, New Year and that your training has been going well! Look forward to seeing you this spring in Cali!!

olga said...

Kelly, Happy New year! I saw your run with a group on Rick's blog:)
Sorry, I have no idea who to contact about Wasatch message board, may be RD?

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Happy New Year Kelly! Good luck at TCC, and don't forget to pack a towel!

Hope to see you at some local races this year.


HappyTrails said...

Wow! Now we know why "50" looks so good on you and you run so well-(other than hard work and living healthy) - it's in the genes!!! :-)