Friday, June 19, 2009

Excited about Western States

I am a blog slacker and it has been several days since my last post. These are my sins. Oh, I reverted back to my Catholic days, I mean these are my excuses. LOL. Seriously, life has been crazy lately. Lot's of things going on and lots of inter turmoil. Nothing serious, I have just been preoccupied. My son Caleb graduated from UCI last week and I was such a proud Momma. He looked so handsome standing up there with his cap and gown. He has worked very hard for five years and I am so honored that he is my son. In Sept. he starts Chiropractic school in Southern California and we are all excited for him.

On the running front, life is good. I feel strong and my injury is feeling status quo. I am pacing at Western States next weekend and I am excited about that. I am pacing Leonardo Soresi from Italy and he is an awesome runner. I am a little nervous that he will outrun me but I am prepared to do my best. Just being out at States is such fun. Matt will be crewing Tom Crull from Dallas and I hope we see him running on the track on Sunday morning. This will be Tom's last WS. Tom and I met at the WS training camp several years ago and have been best friends ever since. Have a great weekend!

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Bob - said...

Hey Kelly, YES look forward to meeting you at WS ....going to be a blast!!

See ya Soon!