Sunday, June 21, 2009

So many trails, so little time

Today I ran on a different trail in a different town. Nice. It helps break up the monotony when you run in new places. The run felt easy, effortless. I kept thinking about all the people gearing up for big races. Western States is next Saturday, and I can feel their excitement with every step I take. The thrill of that race fills my soul and I am suddenly there, standing at the start line anticipating an outrageous race. So many friends are racing this year. It is going to be fun watching it all unfold. All the training and time that goes into training for a 100 miler make for such great memories. You seem to remember every long run and who you ran with. Then it is race day and everything you have trained for is staring you in the face, and you hope you have done enough. Good luck to all my friends that will stand at Squaw Valley on Saturday morning. May you find a buckle in Auburn.

"The eagle, who believed he was a chicken, wasn't. However, until he discovered what he was, he was limited to live as one." Unknown

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KH said...

Kelly, I am an ultrarunner as well as an autoimmune disease patient. I came across your blog while googling those 2 terms simultaneously. I have Polymyositis, which is where the immune system turns against the muscles, resulting in extreme weakness and atrophy. I am trying to make a comeback to running, and am hoping to be able to revisit ultras someday. I have a blog as well, please visit!