Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I can't believe that my Dad has been gone for 19 years already. I think of him everyday and wish
his life had been different in many ways. I wish he could see how my children have grown up. I wish he could see what special kids they are. He would be proud of them, I know. I wish he could see how I am as a middle aged adult. I was only 32 years old when he left this world. I am a better person as a result of him. I learned from HIS mistakes, and have tried to live a better life. Thanks Dad for being my Dad. You had some rough times, but I hope you knew that you were loved very much. I can laugh about things now, it's taken me a long time, but I can do that these days.

To all you Fathers out there, I wish you a Happy Father's Day. The best gift you can give your children is to love them unconditionally and to live a clean life.

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