Friday, June 20, 2008

Ever caught a good sunset???

Yesterday morning I got up early to get a nice run in. It was hot and I beat everyone but a few mountain bikers to the park. My son Caleb is home for a week from College and so I wanted to be done before he woke up. It was a beautiful morning and I had a wonderful run.

He didn't drive home, but got a ride from his girlfriend, so he wanted to borrow my car. I decided that I would go get it smog'd as I was overdue with getting my certificate and I didn't want him to get pulled over without a current sticker.

My car is really hot. I mean it. It totally rocks in my opinion. It is a Montero SUV, equipped with a Western States 100 license frame, a Montrail sticker on the window, you know, totally cool. I went to the smog shop and immediately after they hooked my car up, the whole garage filled with white smoke. All the employees were walking around holding wet cloths over their mouth and noses. It was terribly embarrassing when I realized that it was my totally cool looking car that was polluting the whole place. Needless to say, my car didn't pass smog. The mechanic stamped a big FAILED on my papers and off I went like a dog with his tail between his legs. It just goes to show you that you can look damn good on the outside, but be falling apart on the inside. Things are not always like they seem. Now I am going to donate this hot smokin piece of shizel to the State of California and find myself a car that actually runs as good as it looks! LOL!

Today Suzanna and I ran in the park. We met at 6:45am and it was already very hot. I ran with her for 2:15 and she carried on for another couple hours. As I drove away she was starting back up the hill. I didn't envy her at all. I did admire her mental strength, as it was tough for her to go back out. I felt trashed most of the day but as I think back on this morning, I should have eaten within 30-45 min. of finishing. I think my recovery would have been better. After eating some 2 hours later, I almost felt human again. Lesson learned.

I am still doing push-ups almost everyday. I am finally getting stronger. It is a great feeling to have hard arms. There is something empowering about it.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I am swimming tomorrow and doing a 2 hour run on Sunday. Next weekend is Western States 100 and I will be doing Safety Patrol. Matt is crewing Tom Crull my good friend from Dallas. I will help after my duties as Safety Patrol are done. We are looking forward to going up to the mountains and watching the race unfold. I love to see all my friends and to watch everyone hard at work, striving to fulfill a dream of finishing the WS 100. Good luck everyone!

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