Saturday, June 21, 2008

I swam laps this morning for 40 minutes. I know what you're thinking....Big deal. Yes, it was a big deal. You try dragging these hard, shapely arms through the water and tell me how you feel. These push-ups are really working. The trouble is...I am the only one who notices...Crapola.

On another note, Matt and I met my sister, Dan, and my Mom at the old Franklin Cemetery for a tour of the graves and to learn of the history of our town and the people who are buried there. It was interesting and for anyone who really knows me, you know old cemeteries are right up my alley. The man who built my Mom's house is buried there, but today we could not find his grave. He built her house in 1847 and the history of the house and the people who lived there is really fascinating. Our town is really a large city now, but it still has an "old" feel about it. I like this place and I think I will stay here until the fat lady sings.

One week until WS!! Whoo hoo!! I bet all you entrants are getting so excited. Last year at this time I was so pumped.

Have a nice rest of the day. Matt and I might go on a hike. It's only 98 degrees out but I hate to sit around and do nothing. Life is just too short to waste even a second. Adios for now.


Bob Gentile said...

You try dragging these hard, shapely arms through the water and tell me how you feel.
lol niceeeeee Kelly... Way to go on that swimming thing :-) and keep doing those Push UP's & Beyond!!

well I am back to training (feel good & ready to get back to it) also back to my "Daily" Sit ups & Push Ups, so helped me at soreness in the core I am a big fan of SU & PU's

kelly said...

Wow, Bob, you have really recovered nicely! Way to go! So you really think that the SU's and PU's helped at Kettle?

So, when is your next big race? I know you are addicted just like the rest of us. You are awesome, Bob. I hope we have a chance to meet one day. Keep training and setting new goals.

Bob Gentile said...

Thanks Kelly hope me meet one day on the trails as well...

and YES su's & pu's helped keep my form & also zero lower back pain...

Just put up the countdown timer for my next big event..."Grand Tetons 100 miler", it's my Hardrock -lol 20,000 feet climb & reaches 10,000 ft altitude 4 times so that will be a nice test for this sea-level flatlander :-)

PS love the SUNSET pic below, Nice Catch!!

mtnrunR said...

what section are you doing for safety patrol?

Carilyn said...

Hey Kelly,

Love your blog! I'm with you on the cemetaries. We do a yearly run through ours, looping around and reading the tombstones. Every year we find "new" ones :)

I'll keep you posted on the water/drink issue. I may just have to up my e-cap intake. Or just avoid trail ultras altogether :)