Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wow, what a week!

Wow, what a week I have had!

It all started on Friday, June 6th. A typical early summer day that happened to be my Birthday. Matt stayed home from work and he and I had a nice short run and I tried to get use to the idea that I was now a half century old! We celebrated with family later Friday evening at a nice restaurant in Santa Rosa. There was about 15 people there and we had a blast. We ended the evening by going to my Brother and Sister in laws house and having cake and opening presents. I was so lucky to have so many nice gifts from everyone and it was just so special. At the end of my gift opening, Matt handed me "one last card". I opened it up and was just shocked and at a loss for words. Matt's card to me read...Kelly,
Get your passport, call in sick, because you are going to The Coastal Challenge 2009!
I just about burst out crying with surprise and excitement. The Coastal Challenge is a stage race in Costa Rica. He and I will be going there for 15 days. I will be racing there for 6 days through the Rainforest! I am just so excited I can't see straight. What a special gift from such a special man! I am truly blessed. This gift is especially unique because he went outside of the box for this gift. He knew that this adventure would be the best gift anyone could ever give me. This stage race is not something that he would be interested in doing, but he knew that I would love it. He loves me THAT much. I am a lucky gal.

The race starts February 1st. I know a few people who have done it, so I will be contacting them about the details of what to bring. Neither Matt or I have ever been to Costa Rica so we are totally jazzed about going.

Sunday, I ran the Auburn 50k in Auburn, Ca. It was run over some of the Western States trail. It was hot and dry but I had a good run despite not feeling as good as I would have liked. I came in 2nd to Beverly Anderson-Abbs and 8th overall. I was 1st in my new age group. We finished off the day at a Graduation Party for Matt's nephew and had a nice time there.

Monday was Matt's Birthday and we went out to lunch in Healdsburg and had a BBQ with family at home that evening. We had a nice day spending it together.

I am truly blessed and very excited as I start my 50th year. I have lots of running to do and a whole lot of training ahead of me. I want to be in the best shape of my life this year. Come on 2008, bring it on!


doodlestreet said...

You're spirit is so awesome, Kelly... You totally ROCK! And "holy- jumpin'-up-and-down-martha!" That fella of yers is a KEEPER!! Sweet gift!!

Best wishes for that young fifty!

Peter Lubbers said...

Hi Kelly,
What a great gift! You're going to have a great time there.
It was nice to meet you at Cool.

Consider yourself tagged (to answer 5 questions).

Take care,

kelly said...

Thanks, Doodlestreet! Yeah, I think I'll keep him!

kelly said...

Peter, great job at Cool. It was also a pleasure meeting you too. So, you tagged me, huh? Okay......

Meghan said...


Hi! You can feel free to email me off blog for Coastal Challenge questions. I am happy to answer as best as I can. mamamiamba at yahoo dot com. The Coastal Challenge is an amazing, life-changing experience.


Julie B said...

50 is looking pretty darn good! Happy Belated Birthday. Man, what a gift from Matt!! You'll be able to enjoy the gift forever..the preperation, the race, the memories of the fun you will have there. Truly, a gift that keeps giving.

kelly said...

Yeah, I am still totally stoked about my gift and trip. You are right, it is a gift that will keep giving. Thanks for stopping by!