Saturday, May 12, 2007

Forever Free

This photo was taken last month by Anthony Brantley at Pirates Cove 50k. I have always loved coyotes and I love to see them while I am running. They are mysterious and bashful,wild and proud. We used to have many coyotes at the ranch I lived at years ago. They would come down and try and leer our dogs away. Sometimes I would watch them play with each other. They seemed to share a special bond. I always felt a bit afraid for our dogs, but they were big enough not to ever be threatened. I miss hearing their howls and chatter late at night. While running Wasatch last year, I heard a group of them howling into the night. It was an awesome sound to hear in the dark with only a flashlight to light my way. This picture takes me back to a time in my life when life was a little less crazy and a tad bit more wild, with no kids and very few responsibilities. Sometimes I think that I am like this coyote, running with a wild streak in me, forever young and forever free.


Rooster said...

Love the photo Kelly! We have Coyotes at our house and we have a husky who likes to go check them out. Sometimes they are right in our back yard and we get nervous about Bandit. Their calls are amazing and loud. They hang out in our field and when I leave the house I just watch them. You are right with your description of their personality and they are cool animals.

Bob Gentile said...

hmmmm don't see them here in FL, ours are closer to the ground and larger... the area I run last month a 9 foot gator was caught---whew glad I wasn't around that day :-)

Nice Pic

olga said...

Yep, we have them everywhere, local park I run in too. One of them followed me for a good couple of minutes staying on trail untill I began to sing - don't think he liked it:)
Kelly, love the new look!